About the study

This is a study that will be undertaken across the nation. We are trying to find out answers for the following:

  • The major factors leading to divorce among the various communities.
  • The events that follow divorce (long term focus, will follow up 5 years from the date of initial interview)
  • The effects on children and parties
  • The factors behind a successful divorce

Please note, we are not trying to stop people from getting divorced. We recognise that whether or not one chooses to divorce is a personal choice. We are merely trying to understand the motivation that leads to divorce, and the long term effects of divorce.


Why Study Divorce?

Divorce has been a fact of daily life in Malaysia. It’s one of those things that happen. Ever since our Independence on 31st August 1957 (or 16th September 1963, have your pick) the courts of Malaysia have recognised applications from husbands and wives for divorce, and granted them “relief”. ┬áThis means two things, in fact: First, that divorce is lawful in this country, and second, that right or wrong, it is a necessary part of society.


Research Methods

The study will be carried out in focus groups across the nation, from Perlis to Sabah. We will engage divorcees from different communities and have focus group discussions or one-to-one interviews. We expect to seek assistance from university students to help out in their free time during semester breaks, so if you are a university student, let us know if you’re interested. We also need facilitators who are adequately qualified to assist, so again, let us know if you’re interested. The results of the study will be made known in several phases:

  • Early stage, i.e. immediately after the report is compiled
  • Long-term stage, i.e. following the subsequent interview of participants after 5 years


Get In Touch

Get in touch with us to participate as a participant or a facilitator. Your participation will help society understand the effects of divorce on individuals and them society around them.

Please get more information about the study by checking out the other links at this site!

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